"The Successor"

Einari Hyvönen

"The cacophonous sound of seagulls echoes in my courtyard. The squawk of their nesting season wakes me up before the crack of dawn.

I feel antipathy towards these creatures of nature. Where is my water gun? I contemplate my reaction: why do I have a primitive need to control my environment? Why is our base setting to perceive animals that have cracked the key to survival as pests, while  endangered species at the hands of humans are worthy of our sympathy?"

These thoughts led me to a series of works in which I reflect on mankind’s destructive relationship with nature, pursuit of self-interest, and the cycle of life. In the narrative of the exhibit, the seagull character’s life is over, and their legacy attracts fellow seagulls to the fishing waters. A territory war ensues between man and seagull, the winner of which becomes the successor. The successor fills the vacuum and takes control of the environment - until the continuum recurs and begins again.

Spurring from a digital working environment and by combining a fun catalog and difficult themes, I want to create a contradicting intersection where the viewer can find himself reflecting on life’s imperfections. The works have been created by brush, by spray, and by image transferring techniques on canvas during the year 2021.

Einari Hyvönen (b.1989), graduated with a master's degree in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts - University Helsinki in December 2021. His works have been acquired by Kiasma, the Päivi and Paavo Lipponen foundation, And the Tampere Art Museum to name a few.

Recently, his art has been highlighted in Taide-magazine, Suomen Kuvalehti, Art Maze Magazine, and Saint Maison Archive 2 in printed publications. Hyvönen's works have been shown in group exhibitions during The Mänttä Art Festival, The Aine Art Museum, The Oulu Museum of Art, and solo exhibitions at Gallery Himmelblau and ARTag Gallery.

This exhibition has been supported by the arts Promotion Center of Finland and the Academy of Fine Arts - The University of Helsinki.