Still Struggling

by Noora Geagea


is a series of video and photo-paintings, that bid farewell to the character of the archetype suit-wearing male. Made in collaboration with the actor Niko Saarela, in each video work the main protagonist humorously acts out a seemingly every-day struggle, within various settings.

Depicted carrying a heavy suitcase through a snowy forest, falling asleep on the job and attempting to walk through crashing waves. Each absurd gesture reminds us that we must move forward while invoking an emotional response to his futile struggles and efforts.

The photo-painting works are stills of the same suit-wearing male but partly covered in paint. The intention is to transform the images into something else by adding another layer, meaning and idea.

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Now in Studio

Constellations by Jaakko Mattila


Featured piece


Jaakko Mattila



This unique piece by Jaakko Mattila is part of his series CONSTELLATIONS, a collection of Alkyd paintings that depict the celestial heavens using this powerful interpretations created with this industrial polyester based paint.

Jaakko Mattila 2020
Alkyd paint on melamine
183cm x 135cm

The piece is available for purchase from The Platform Gallery.
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To view the piece please contact The Platform Gallery to book a visit.